Saturday, 13 May 2017

How Much is Your Bank Currently Deducting For Mbanking Interbank Transfer... N52 or N105?

f you should ask me, Banks and Telcos are few of the sectors that are milking the citizens; all this per minute charges, deduction of airtime for caller tunes you didn’t subscribe to etc will definitely be fetching Telecos billions. Imaging Telcos deducting N50 from 1 million Nigerians for irrelevant weekly football updates or  jokes you didn’t subscribe to… do the Math!

Earlier this month, we learn't the Central Bank of Nigeria ordered commercial banks in the country to slash down Mobile banking inter-bank transfer charges by half starting this month. Meaning from N105 to N52 and some commercial banks have already put that into consideration while some are still adamant about it.

I initiated a transfer yesterday, GTBank and Zenith still charged me the normal rate of N105. While some other banks charged just N52 for inter-bank transfer. How much is your bank currently charging for Mobile banking inter-bank transfer?
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