Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Do You Still Netflix & Chill or You Download Movies Elsewhere?

I’ve heard people say a lot of times that only teenagers watch Netflix but I don’t know how true this is because when the American video on demand  platform ‘Netflix’ lifted its geographical restrictions with reference to Nigeria and Ghana, in 2016; we were all happy knowing fully well that you’ll have to pay monthly.

Etisalat immediately launched Netflix package N400 to stream Netflix for 2hours and I was wondering how many people actually go for that package. Most Nigerians who opted for Netflix package opted out after the first month because of the limitations placed on our Mastercard.

From my analysis, lots of Nigerian youth preferred to pay to watch EPL than to pay for Netflix monthly. I was once a subscriber before I opted out of their plan because there are other platforms I can stream and download movies of any kind without any restriction. It is true that real men pay to watch football, but for movies… I can’t say.

After all, to be fully active on Netflix, you must ensure that your subscribe to unlimited data plan otherwise your expenses at the end of the month will be enough to pay 3 peoples salary. So I really want to know how many of you are still very much active on Netflix and how do you pay for your monthly subscription?

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