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(Story) - My olosho girlfriend

It was my wedding night and I was the happiest
man on earth. Beside the fact that I just married
the woman I love, I was also happy because I
had escaped being disgraced by my ex on my
wedding day, after she swore to never let me
have peace.
I looked at my beautiful wife and smiled, knowing
I had found an angel for a wife, as compared to
that blood sucking demon of an ex. I kissed her
neck again, and we made love twice before
I had just closed my eyes when I was awakened
by a loud noise on the door… “GBOOM!!” Two
more bangs and the door broke. Hairs erect, my
adrenaline flow was massive. Standing in front of
the door is a very big guy, the size of
heavyweight wrestlers. He stepped in, and was
followed by a familiar face. It was Sabina my ex.
“Shebi I tell you say you no go fit escape me? Ok
you think say I no go hear about your wedding?
You don enter 1 chance!
By now I and my wife were both on our feet,
shocked! Sebina was not done talking. She
dropped the big bag she was holding and
“I no come here come do you bad, if not by now
you for don go down! I come make we discuss,
but if the discussion no go my way, this big guy
go finish work for your body.” Sabina said,
touching the biceps of the big guy.
“Ehhn… I see say you don marry, no wahala. But
remember say we swear say we go dey together
forever, you come go marry another woman. That
one no too pain me, but the thing be say you
must marry me sef join. I no send to be second
I was furious, but was trying to contain my anger
because the big guy scared me.
“ I will never marry you Sabina, even if you are
the only woman in the world.”
How can she want me to marry her? This same
Sabina that was a terror to my life! For the six
years we dated, the only good thing that came
out of the relationship was the money and
constant S3x. But my life had no peace.
She even threatened my life daily. Sabina would
see me with another girl, even if we have nothing
going on between us, she would always cause
trouble!! Meanwhile….every day she slept with
countless men in exchange for money. I didn’t
complain because I always got my share.
I can’t deny, Sabina made me a big boy while we
dated. She gave me almost everything I needed.
But no amount of money she gave me matched
the level of insult and injury she gave me in
There was one time we had a heated argument,
and she broke the windscreen and punctured the
tires of the car she bought for me.
Several times she had stabbed me. The scars on
my back, left hand and neck bear me witness.
Her Character was that of a Jezebel.
“I told you even before we broke up that I cannot
marry you!” I spoke in anger from my deep
“Hahahaha I also told you that you can never
break up or run away from me. I love you, and
you are mine forever. Have you forgotten about
our Blood Covenant??”
All this while my new wife was in shock, but
observed closely.
Sabina moved swiftly as she removed a small
container from her bag, and quickly poured the
content on my wife who was fast enough to
dodge it!
OMG!! Sabina came here with acid!
Within seconds Sabina and my wife were fighting,
rolling on the floor and dragging each other’s
hair. I moved to help, but one blow from the Big
guy sent me to the floor, dizzy.
He threw several jabs at me, and I only
responded with a few blows. The big guy was
now on me, sitting on my stomach with his big
buttocks, drenching my lungs of air! It almost felt
as if I could taste my intestines in my mouth. He
landed 3 more blows on my face and I gave up
the struggle to fight for myself.
He then used his hands to squeeze my throat,
making sure no air went through it. I died slowly.
Everywhere was dizzy and I could hardly see
“So this is how I will die??”
Then I heard a big sound, and the big guy fell off
from me. I dragged air into my drenched lungs
and slowly opened my eyes. Then I saw that my
wife had hit the big guy with an iron, which made
him fall on the ground. Thank you! Feels good to
be back to the land of the living!
Immediately, Sabina rushed from behind,
charging towards my wife. I tried to warn her but
could hardly move. The big guy must have
crippled me. Even my voice seemed to fail me.
Sabina pushed my wife to the floor and she hit
her head on something.
Then she took advantage of the situation and
started hitting her with the iron my wife had used
to hit the big guy. I was helpless, I couldn’t even
move. With rage in my heart and tears in my
eyes, I watched her hit my wife with the iron
several times till she could no longer move.
Then she came to where I lay and gave me a
wicked grin. “I tell you say na me and you
forever. I go make mistake comot the pikin I get
for you, so now you go give me belle before we
That said, she loosed my belt and brought out
my D!ck, and started rubbing it to give me an
I don’t really think the D!ck is part of the body,
maybe it’s an extension of the body, because
with just a few rub on my D!ck area, even though
I was tired, weak and angry, I already had a hard
She shifted her G-String to one side and inserted
my manhood. I didn’t know if to cry or enjoy it
while it lasted. The quickie lasted about 45
seconds before my wife hit her with the iron
again!! Damn this girl is strong!
With blood oozing from the wound Sabina
inflicted on her, she managed to stand up and
come save me again. As I lay there half Nak3d,
she staggered and hit Sabina with the iron again
with a vengeance!
From my hospital bed, I opened my eyes and
saw the beautiful face of my wife. She had been
by my side since I was rushed to the hospital.
My Olosho Girlfriend and the Big Guy had been
arrested and peace restored.
My wife leaned close to me and said “How could
you not tell me of your previous relationship? We
are alive today by luck!”
I didn’t know what to say. I knew I should have
told her about Sabina, but I didn’t imagine all
these would happen. “I’m sorry baby” I finally
“I need some fresh air” she said and left the
I Looked around and saw some familiar face, and
knew I was in good hands. I was too weak to
stand, if not I would have gone to meet my wife
where ever she was going to. The only thing on
my mind was to get stronger, so I can show her
how much I love, respect and adore her!!
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