Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to earn 6,000 naira Ngn on weekly

Hey there, Claritta is back and bubbling. The
upgrade time is over and the site is back with
a bang. You can go to their website site now
to see who you’re paired with so as to make
payments and avoid being suspended from
their platform.
Meanwhile, if you do not have an account you
can follow the link down at the end of the
message below to register and start making
money. It’s cheap and affordable (just
N1,500). Don’t miss this opportunity :
Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.
Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-Member
Donation and Referral Platform.
Hmmmmmmmm! Wen MMM came out some
ppl see it as a flaw, but indirectly, God uses it
to bless some ppl, likewise other network
game… Lol….. is here nw, another
opportunity, better participate nw is fresh than
wen is over crowed, and u know what it
means “freezing”…… Lol. If u ar interested,
open dis link and register………. It is pay 1500
to somebody and get 6000 in 7 days but if you
register someone under you you will get your
money before 7 day…….. Mehn! Is paying
Hey wassup, it’s been a while, I am sure u are
feeling well. I would like to introduce to you
the newest and trusted scheme, I just got paid
from it and it’s still paying others. U too can
join the queue, all you are required to donate
is just #1, 500 only, and In less than 7 days
you will receive #6000 it doesn’t just stop
there as your efforts in referring people into
the system will be rewarded with #4500 per
head, click here to register and become a full
*Remember The earlier the better, hope to see
you there* *you know I can’t tell you to
join what I haven’t benefitted from*
Claritta platform is the new and fast paying
networking platform, when you register with
naira you will be paid 6,000 naira in 7 days by
participants. you can make donation up to
times if you wish, then you will be paid
6,000X3=18,000 naira. And if you register with
link I will do bank transfer of 500 naira
to you after completing your registration

Register by clicking HERE
For more info contact me on 07062347660

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