Friday, 3 February 2017

Elephone’s Dual 360° Will Allow You to Shoot 360-degree Videos on Your Smartphone

Virtual Reality has been up for a while now and they seems to be the output device of the future with tons of tons of 360° video recording cameras. But is that the only way to record VR videos?

Elephone disagree and unveils a new gadget that you can take with you everywhere you are going.
The new ElePhone Dual 360° camera is designed to be an addon to your smartphone, it is  portable and light, so that you can travel with it. 

It is supposed to connect to your device through the micro USB or USB type-C (hopefully) port and allow you to record VR-like videos.

The smartphone accessory will feature two 180° degree cameras, one on the front and one on the back, in order to create 360° images, just like it happens on the MGCOOL Cam 360.

The gadget will be available soon and pocket friendly. Virtual reality has never been that easy. Keep it in your pocket and attach it to your phone to get a panoramic shot.
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