Saturday, 31 December 2016


1. Lego Marvel’s Avengers
If you’re either a fan of the Marvel’s Avengers franchise, or can’t get enough of the fun Lego games, then this one is for you. Meet your favorite superheroes, fight against the evil forces, smash everything around you into tiny Lego pieces, and enjoy the many challenges, puzzles, and adventures this games has in store.

2. Uncharted 4
Fans have been looking forward for the final part of Uncharted for years, and they haven’t been disappointed by its release. Let the iconic Nathan Drake take you on thrilling missions as he comes out of retirement. Uncharted 4 lets you do everything: drive fast cars, fire guns, escape death, and, of course, tirelessly look for Captain Henry Avery’s treasures that were thought to be long lost.

3. Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls has captivated gamers with its unique blend of vigorous fighting and exciting exploration, and the third part of the franchise is no exception. Dark Souls 3 will invite you on a blood-chilling journey through the decaying world, surprising you with the most unexpected events and combat along the way. The strongest part of the Dark Souls 3 is the storytelling, which will keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time you play.

4. Doom
Perhaps, the most iconic game on our list, Doom is familiar to anyone who considers themselves to be a gamer. The PS4 reboot of the famous shooter has been a hit with players thanks to the many features that haven’t been available before, like character customization, new awesome weapons, and gruesome shooting. Fans also can’t get enough of the multiplayer mode, which allows you to experience Doom in a completely new way.

5. F1 2016
If you love racing games, but are slightly tired of the traditional urban setting and same car models found in most games, try the brand new F1. Gameplay and handling are among the game’s biggest strengths, as are the graphics, which are enhanced by the PS4’s powerful build. We especially recommend the Career mode, which gives you the opportunity to get the most consistent and gripping gaming experience.
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