Monday, 7 November 2016

TOP 11 Facebook Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you a Facebook geek and spend most of your time there? Then today I am going to share 11 Facebook tricks/tips that you can apply to enhance your Facebook experience.

Additionally, there are many tweaks/tricks of Facebook, which are not open to many, yet it exist. Here you will learn those little unknown Facebook tricks that would make you look cool in front of your Facebook friends.
Don’t use these tricks in one day, instead use each of these tricks one by one, after every few days.
Remember: A good magician will never reveal all his secrets in one day.

11 Facebook Tricks and Tips You need to try:
So, here the list of 11 Facebook tricks and tips begins which you can apply to get something awesome from your Facebook profile. The tricks are going to be unpredictable for you for sure, and you’ll be amazed after applying them. Now, without taking much time of yours, I would request you to get towards the below piece of writing to explore about these tweaks.
1- Disable annoying Apps & Games Requests
The App or Game requests are simply very much annoying and irritating. I simply hate those useless notifications and have disabled them from my side, and I am sure there may be many users who also want to get rid of these notifications. Therefore, I am going to make you learn to disable apps and games notifications on your account too, so follow these steps:
Firstly, Login to your Facebook Account and Click Down arrow button that you use to Sign Out, and from there you need to Click on Settings.

Now, from the left list of menus, Click on Notifications and then Click on Edit button in front of App requests and activity.
Afterwards, Deselect all the apps whom notifications you don’t want to get in future and then Click on the Close button, you are done. Now you’ll not receive notifications or requests from unselected apps and games.
2- Update Facebook status from mobile without the internet
This may seem weird to many of our readers that how one can update Facebook status without using it? So, friends, it is possible, and I am going to make you learn to do so. You can easily update your Facebook status and that too without using Facebook from your side. So, apply these steps to learn about it more.
Sign Into your Facebook account and Click on Down arrow button then Click on Settings.
Now, Click on Mobile from left menus.
Afterwards, you will have another window opened. Now you need to add your Phone number, and then you’ll receive a confirmation code on your number, note down that code and then write that code on Facebook opened window; afterwards, click on Confirm button.

Now you can easily update your Facebook status or post to Facebook using your Mobile phone with the help of text message.
3- Recover Deleted Messages, Photos and Videos – Recover Memories
This trick may be required by many of you guys out there. Since, we do lose some of the most important images, videos or messages of our and want to get them back desperately.
Furthermore, today I am going to help you to get your all time data back right in your hands. This trick can help you to revive each and everything of yours on Facebook, which is bit long list. So, if you want to apply this trick then follow these steps:
Sign Into your Facebook account and Click on Down arrow button then Click on Settings.
Now in General Account Settings options, you need to Click on Download a Copybutton and ones you have clicked there then it will ask you to enter your Password.
Afterwards, a verification message will be sent to your mail, you need to verify it by Clicking the link and then it will take few minutes to generate your data and ones it is generated then it will be sent to your mail address.

Ones you got the link, you need to download the file using that link and it will be in ZIP format, you need to unzip it in order to access your data and there you’ll have all your data old plus new.
4- Block Some Friends from Seeing your Status – Get Hidden
We always share status on ou
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