Sunday, 6 November 2016

Find Out The Band Your Phone Supports Before Your Buy Your Next 4G Phones/SIM

Now that we are gradually coming out of 3G oblivion, it is important to know what band your device supports or 4G networks before you buy your next 4G smartphone. A lot of us were disappointed when you discovered that your device doesn’t supports Glo 4G band 28 (700Mhz) after cat walking into Glo office to get your USIM.

Don’t blame your device, blame deficiency of information. I’ll be helping some us out who are not techies enough to know which device support which 4G LTE network. Before you buy your next 4G Phone, kindly ask by commenting below or simply tell us which 4G phone you are using and we as a family will help you out on 4G networks that supports your device.

It is important you know your 4G device band in order to avoid story that touch.  Also note that no amount of prayer and fasting can make a 3G Mobile phone display 4G network.
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