Saturday, 3 September 2016

New Malware Discovered in Google Play Store

Another Malware has been discovered in Google Playstore despite the facts that it is the most secured store to download apps for Androids.

I don’t know how this malware nicodemouslycreep in to Google Playstore but it has infected more than 40 applications on Google playstore and more than 400 applications on unofficial app store. It is called DressCode.

What this specific type of malware does is, it creates a so-called botnet. The attackers are able to use infected devices to route traffic through them. In the case of DressCode, Check Point says, the hackers only used it to generate false ad clicks and traffic, thus collecting ad revenue. However, a botnet can be used for much more serious attacks, such as gaining access to company servers and files.

Even though the malware is used to route traffic for invalid clicks of ad revenue, you still have the responsibility of making sure such kind of malware doesn’t run in the background of your device, otherwise it will affect your device performance.

Always make sure that your Android device have the latest security patch installed and always be careful of what you download in apps store.

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