Sunday, 17 January 2016

IMEI ALERT: Get Free 3GB On Your Mtn Sim Right Now!!!

2go 2929mb (2gb) working fine with
http injector …
60mb+1716mb inclusive….
1.Tweak this IMEI in your MTK
Android device 866480013231
2.After tweaking, confirm IMEI has
been changed, using this*#06#to
3.Then, Go to your message type and
send “lyte” to131.
4.Immediately after doing step 1-3,
you will get 60MB in the
confirmation message that will be
sent to you.
5.Dial*559*6#to check your free
MTN 2go 3GB data and to check
your 60MB dial *123*3*4#
NOTE: Your accumulated data will
be 60mb + 3gb free data, hence take
note that the 60mb data works
without any third party VPN app
while your 3gb 2go data can only be
used with apps such as psiphon or
HTTP InJector
NOTE: Mtn Free Gig Is Here Again…
Ant prob with that?? Whatsapp me on 7062347660

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