Friday, 1 January 2016

I Use 5, Not 6 Vehicles In My Convoy – Lai Muhammed

Minister of Information and Culture,
Alhaji Lai Muhammed yesterday said
there are five vehicles in his convoy,
not six as reported by Daily Trust on
A statement by his press secretary,
Joseph Mutah, said the minister he
moves around in a convoy of five
vehicles if moving with his aides and
four without his aides.
He said though the report highlighted
the cut in the cost of governance
under Buhari administration, but
there a misrepresentation of fact on
his motorcade.
Daily Trust reported that it saw the
minister using six vehicles, four of
which were Toyota Land cruiser
SUVs and two Hilux vans in his
But the statement said “the fact is
that if the minister moves with his
aides, who occupy one vehicle, he
has a three-vehicle convoy plus two
pilot vehicles.
If he is without his aides, he has a
two-vehicle convoy plus the two pilot
vehicles. The minister’s back-up
vehicle is also used by the security

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