Sunday, 17 January 2016

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Chromebook

A few days back, I visited a coffee
shop and like always I asked the
barista for the Wi-Fi password. But
the reaction I got was something I
never expected. Now, usually, I get
the Wi-Fi password on my bill for
prepaid orders which I put in my
Chromebook to get started. Hot
coffee with some writing to do, that’s
how the next few hours go.
Finding out passwords can take
some digging | Shutterstock
That day, the barista came over to
my table, asked me to look in a
different direction (that’s what
pissed me off) while he typed in the
password. I was like, “ what did he
think I would do with his Wi-Fi
password? Sell it on eBay may be. If
he is so insecure, he should change it
on a daily basis rather than asking
the customers to look in a different
Anyways, I quickly finished my
coffee and before leaving, I went
over to the guy and handed over the
bill to him with the Wi-Fi password
he was so possessive about. He was
surprised but I loved the look on his
It’s quite tricky to find the Wi-Fi
password of the connected network
on a Chromebook, but as you can
see, it can be useful at times. Let’s
have a look how I did it.
crosh> shell
chronos@localhost / $ sudo su
localhost / # cd /home/root/
localhost root # ls
Here you will get the list of a folder
with a long string. Just type in CD
and a tab and then press enter. You
will be taken to the directory. For
localhost root # cd
Finally, type the command “more
shill/shill.profile” and press enter.
You will see a line of texts which will
have the Wi-Fi information of
networks you have connected to till
Find the Wi-Fi SSID you wish to get
the password for and spot the line
which says “Passphrase=rot47:”
followed by some random text. Well,
this is the Wi-Fi password but it’s
encrypted. To decrypt type in the
command echo <code> | tr ‘!-~’ ‘P-
~!-O’. Replace the <code> wish the
code that you get as the passphrase.
That’s all, you will have the Wi-Fi
password on the screen.

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