Saturday, 2 January 2016

How To Get N1800 on Mtn Jaraplus Instead of N1200 with Just N300.

Hi guys, today i decide to lease
out this little trick , its not new ,but
not many knw abt it, as some site
owners will copy this piece to dia
Is just a Way to get N1800 instead of
The Normal N1200 on d Mtn jaraplus
Pakage assuming U ar making 300
sub just lyk me.
Follow the Below instructions on hw to
get N1800 clean with Images
1. First Put ur mtn sim and Migrate
to Beta talk , so dat u can double ur
recharges whenever u load.
2. Now dial *142# and send, if u get
option for N300 or mayb 250 . U can
3. Just activate it and u can now flex
d Jara bonus + The beta talk bonus .
If u sub For 300 like me. Then u get
sumtin lyk diz below
i have used D credit ,xo its

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