Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Types of students you would see in school during holiday

Students staying in school when the
school is officially on a break is not
something new or unusual.
Most students i guess, prefer to stay
in school whereas some don’t joke
with their holidays o, even if it is for
30 minutes, they would go home.
SO today, i present to you: Types of
Students you would See in School
During Holiday;
The Book Worm: Ogbeni o! This ones
takes everything too serious like say
tomorrow no day.
They prefer staying in the hostel and
jacking everything jackable before
others resume
One thing with this set of fellow is
that they never come out all through
those periods till school resumes. Am
Afraid of this kind of people o.
The Jonsers: This set use the holiday
period to jonse up and down the
They make research and do things
they never did while school was on.
One thing with them is they
understand that when school
resumes, no jonsing and hence use
the few days/week to flex around
The Cooker: Choi. you see them
washing pot as if they are leaving
with their parents while in the
Seems this set cook morning,
afternoon,night and mid night. The
next morning, you see them with
different sizes of pot and you begin
to ask yourself if you are a student at
The Prayer Warriors: Choi. Staying
with them is hell you must be forced
to pray o or Else…
The Computer Addicts: Hala! This ones
would be on their computer as if the
world is ending tomorrow.Most
times, i imagine all they do
there.This consist of the bloggers,
Web developers,Graphic
Designers,Gamers etc.
The Movie Freak: Smart People. They
don’t mind watching 15 movies daily
till school resumes.
Jackometers : Actually, this is different
from the book worm. The Former
stays in his room without letting you
know whats up while this set of
people keep carrying big big books
up and down looking for who to
intimidate and yes, they are very
good in intimidating students
because once you see them you
would be like “Jeez, I have not
started Jacking anything o”.
The Crashers : This set can crash for
life.Their routine is very simple:
Wake, Eat,Crash and the loop
continues I fear this set.

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