Sunday, 27 December 2015

See The Importance Of Making New Year Resolution Here

Many of us struggle to make a New
Year resolution. The worst thing is
that after we make a New Year
resolution, we forget about it or
abandon it within a month or two.
That is why many don’t even bother
to make a New Year Resolution. They
think, if there is no resolution, no
struggle, no regret. What a simple
and fantastic idea? Lazy people love
this idea and follow it. I call it “lazy
man’s idea”. But if you want to
grow, if you want success in life, do
not sold yourself to the “lazy man’s
Why should I make a New Year
A good sailor does not leave the
shore without a destination in his
mind. It is in his mind. He has not
yet reached at that destination but it
is in his mind.
If he has a destination in his mind,
he will drive the ship in the
direction. In life, we should have a
goal or aim. To find out that
destination we need to ask some
empowering questions like: What I
need to achieve in the coming
months or year? In which area of my
life need improvement? Where
should I reach in a time span of 3
months, 6 months or a year? How
can I reach that destination? Your
questions will give you the answer to
reach that destination.
Your answers are the destination in
your mind. It is in your mind not yet
reached. With that destination in
your mind your are starting a new
journey in your life. A new
beginning, that is the importance of
new resolution in the New Year. A
New beginning!

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