Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Upgrade!! BBM Introduces “Like Button” For Display Pictures

If you’ve updated to the latest version
of BBM, you’ll notice a new feature
recently included which I think it
awesome but depict Facebook.
This new features allows users to like
display pictures (DP) and status
update of their friends.
This change is recent and if you’ve
not updated your BBM to the latest,
you need to do that to enjoy this
latest feature.
Atleast, it will make BBM now more
interactive instead of just looking at
the recently changed display picture,
you can just hit the like button and
move on. It works just like FB, you
get to see the number of likes a
particular DP has gathered and a
notification will be sent to the DP
owner to see his DP recent
I think this is a really nice update.

What do you think?:


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