Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Buhari’s “I Belong To Everybody & I Belong to Nobody” Is BBC Africa’s Top Quote of 2015

Who can forget Buhari ‘s epic quote
during the 2015 presidential
inauguration – “I belong to
everybody and I belong to nobody.”
Well BBC Africa concurs about how
powerful that statement was. The
news portal has named it Africa’s
best quote of 2015.
Another of Buhari’s quotes also
landed at number 2, in the list which
consists of 16 quotes:
2. “We must change our lawless
habits, our attitude to public
office and public trust. We
must change our unruly
behaviour in schools, hospitals,
market places, motor parks, on
the roads, in homes and
offices.To bring about change,
we must change ourselves by
being law-abiding citizens.” –
President Buhari said four
months later on Nigeria’s
independence day
Other quotes on the list include:
“I’ve just concluded – since
President Obama endorses the
same-s*x marriage, advocates
homosexual people and enjoys
an attractive countenance –
thus if it becomes necessary, I
shall travel to Washington DC,
get down on my knee and ask
his hand” – Zimbabwe’s leader
Robert Mugabe, mocking a US
Supreme Court decision in June
to legalise gay marriage.
“Dear white people in the
fashion world!… Why do I have
to bring my own make-up to a
professional show when all the
other white girls don’t have to
do anything but show up. Don’t
try to make me feel bad
because I am blue-black – it’s
2015” – South Sudanese model
Nykhor Paul, who got more
than 20,000 likes on Instagram
after she posted the comment in
“I love my work. But under our
constitution, I cannot run
again… I actually think I’m a
pretty good president – I think
if I ran I could win. But I
can’t.When a leader tries to
change the rules in the middle
of the game just to stay in
office, it risks instability and
strife – as we’ve seen in
Burundi. Nobody should be
president for life” – Barack
“Relaxing your hair was a rite
of passage. My hair suffered a
lot with those chemicals and I
cut it all off and my hair grew
and I realised it wasn’t that
bad after all” – Lupita Nyong’O

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