Wednesday, 30 December 2015

10 Things Every Gentleman Should Do Differently

If only I could pull off this look. If wishes
were horses.
What is your definition of a gentleman? A
man who’s polite and dresses well? A man
who knows how to carry himself and how to
Maybe you think all of the above correctly
qualify a gentleman.
I believe a true gentleman is not only
revealed by his manners and his outfit, but
also through his actions. That said, here are
15 things that should make a gentleman
1. A gentleman always challenges himself to
do better.
2. A gentleman takes a breath before
speaking when he’s upset.
3. A gentleman knows his lady’s favourite
4. A gentleman let’s his significant other
monopolise the remote control.
5. A gentleman listens to the advise of older,
wiser men.
6. A gentleman opens the door for a lady…Or
a man if he gets there first.
7. A gentleman admits when he’s wrong.
8. A gentleman walks with purpose.
9. A gentleman can have a spirited discussion
without it turning into an argument.
10. A gentleman takes care of the things he
owns and fixes them when they’re damaged.

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