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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tecno Smartphones in 2017

The birth of Tecno Mobile in 2006 paved the popularity of dual-sim phones on the African markets. But before the company became a leading mobile brand all over Africa, it did not have a good start, as it received a series of negative feedback from the consumers in their target markets.

They struggled more in Nigeria, where a majority of mobile users found Tecno smartphones as substandard.

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However, Tecno Mobile has captured the hearts of the Nigerian consumers as it continues to create more sophisticated smartphones every year. The Tecno Camon C8 helped the mobile phone manufacturer compete with market share of Samsung, and Apple in Africa. They constantly receive positive product reviews, which led to the company's recognition of being one of the top smartphone companies in Nigeria in 2016.

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tecno Smartphones in 2017

These are the 10 reasons the Tecno Brand has improved on their latest devices. There are several features/functions that come with newer Tecno smartphones, but we picked this 10 as the sugar-coated out of all.

1. Bio-metric Authentications is a security process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of an individual to verify that he is who is says he is. Biometric authentication systems compare a biometric data capture to stored, confirmed authentic data in a database. If both samples of the biometric data match, authentication is confirmed. These systems are divided into various types which include Fingerprint Recognition, Iris Recognition, Vein Pattern, Voice Recognition, Signature dynamics and face detection.

Smartphones have become the safest and easiest place for mobile device users to store their important files, multimedia content, contact details, e-wallet etc. This practice is very convenient, however, it can also be a problem if the device cannot lock out unpermitted users. Fingerprint scanner seems to be on trend now; it has become a feature most persons consider before the purchase of a smartphone.

Tecno latest smartphones possess multi-functional fingerprint scanner. The Phantom 6 Plus comes with state-of-the-art trifold security that includes a fingerprint scanner, eye recognition reinforced security and a reliable antivirus.

2. HiOS UI:
Before the introduction of HiOS, it was difficult to distinguish TECNO devices from other generic Android phones apart from the TECNO's logo because they lack a unique user-interface that is peculiar to TECNO.

The HiOS is a customized User Interface from Tecno embedded to its Android 5.0 (Lollipop) devices and above; it packs a lot of cool features to give your smartphone an elegant look and ensure the great performance of your device.

This UI comes with some Great features, viz;
a. Hi Theme: This is the place you choose your device theme and give it a new astonishing look.
b. Hi Fonts: toggle trough a quite number of fonts and choose the most suitable for you. You can change your fonts as many times as possible with no charges.
c. Power Management: The HiOS packs great power management techniques which can make a 3,200 mAh battery last as long as a 5000mAh battery with the sophisticated features buried in the Ultra Saver.
d. Hi Manager: It manages all apps in your smartphone, increases your device performance in just once click and minimizes your battery usage.
e. Hi Wallpapers: This HiOS has a lot of splendid wallpapers you can use to decorate your screen home page.

3. Long Lasting Batteries:
One of the biggest problems we encounter with our smartphones is their battery life. Getting the best from our smartphone solely depends on the battery life.
Tecno smartphones pack encouraging battery capacity ranging from 3,500 – 5,200 mAh. And also, with the Tecno HiOS UI now present in their devices, your 3,500 mAh battery will last as long as a 4,000mAh battery of some other phone’s battery. The Tecno L series, Camon series, and Phantom series boasts of good battery capacity.

4. Good Cameras:
Truly, one can hardly oppose the fact the Tecno phones comes with astonishing camera life. Starting from the introduction of its “Camon series” to the Flagship of the “L9 plus” and then to “Phantom Series”, Tecno phones has indeed proved to be unbeaten by its close competitors when it comes to Good Camera Quality.
The flagship of the Camon CX and CX air indeed made a great impact in mobile photography as it is packed with whooping 16MP camera’s (both rear and front) with ring flash technology.

5. OTA Updates:
The new Tecno HiOS supports OTA (Over The Air) Updates, which means; users of Tecno smartphones with Android Lollipop (5.0) can now upgrade to any newer version of their choice (Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 7.0 Nougat) via OTA.

6. Premium Body Build:
Nigerian mid-class income group often refers to Tecno as a brand that’s only interested in churning out cheap plastics and where hardly proud of owning one during its early days.
Not until Phantom 5 and other premium models broke the jinx with full-metal bodied premium devices. Even top Nigerian influencers are proud to flaunt devices like; Tecno L9 plus, Camon 9, Phantom 5 and 6, Camon CX and CX air nowadays.

7. Hardware:
Tecno has made a reasonable improvement on their hardware/firmware compared to its early days. Their devices are mostly powered with latest MediaTek Processors and powerful GPU’s that aids performance and multi-tasking. With a 1.5 GHz MediaTek MT6750T Octa-core processor and Mali 860 GPU, multi-tasking ain’t a problem for you.

8. OTG Cable:
OTG is a short way of saying “On The Go”. Therefore, OTG cables mean On The Go cables. When it comes to smartphone device integrated technology, the invention of OTG USB cables is one of the best and coolest innovations so far.
The OTG cable can be used to connect two devices and work with them at same time. Almost all newer versions of Tecno devices support the OTG feature.


9. Pricing:
This point is the selling point of all mobile devices produced by the Transsion Holdings. Tecno phones are very affordable comparing features VS Price. This is a point even the Tecno haters have come to terms with.

10. T-Band Smart Watch:
T-band is an innovative smart bracelet, launched in the middle of the year 2016 with Tecno Camon C9. T-Band assists long distance shooting, monitors sleep patterns and steps, alerts owners of calls and theft. It is working on any Tecno smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

That is all for now. Have more tips/suggestions? Please do share with us in comments.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Does This Mean Anything to You, Legit or Not... New GTworld Mobile App

Does this suggest anything to you? Looking closely at the new GTworld mobile app, a better improvement to what they have before, initiate transaction with fingerprint or facial ID… inshort, good to behold but I’m kind of skeptical about something, considering the rate at which fraudulent activities are been carried out online and in the banking sector this days.

I paid close attention to the developers email and I was expecting to but what I saw left a big question mark on my mind which is totally uncalled for. I proceeded to check the old GTbank mobile and it is, checked zenith mobile app and it is, same goes to Firstbank, UBA and some notable banks.

This may not mean anything to you but remember that when you open the app, you’ll be required to login, put in your ATM card pin. 

Developers, is this legit or not? For me I don’t know that is why I’m asking…

Have You Seen The Benzeless Doogee Mix... With Speechless Specification?

The design of the New yet to be launch Doogee Mix obviously takes inspiration from Xiaomi Mi 6… bezel-less designs, including keeping a bottom bezel where the front-facing camera is placed. The only difference is that Doogee included a physical home button and fingerprint sensor on the bottom bezel of the DOOGEE MIX.

The DOOGEE MIX features a dual rear camera system which pairs a 16-megapixel sensor with an 8-megapixel sensor. Putting it in line with the other high-end flagships in the market. Also feature 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, currently making it the smallest full display smartphone in the market.

It is powered by a Helio P25 processor, either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, and either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

Highlights of the rumored spec
MediaTek MT6757T Helio P25
Octa-core (4x2.5GHz Cortex-A53 + 4x1.6GHz Cortex-A53)
Mali-T880 MP4 GPU

Screen Size: 5.5 inches AMOLED
1080 x 1920 (~424 ppi)

Memory: 4GB or 6GB RAM options
Storage: 64GB or 128GB options
microSD-expandable by up to 256GB

Battery: 3,500mAh non-removable
Weight:130 grams
Materials: Glass
Operating System: Android 7.0 Nougat

The highly glossy device with sleek finish surface that reflects like a mirror will be priced at $200 and expected to be release this May. Early birds get extra VR set.

My Top 10 Best Kodi Addons For May 2017

This is not the first time you are hearing about Kodi but if you’re a fan of sports, movies or boxets, you’re going to love Kodi. Basically, Kodi is a compact streaming app that lets you watch pretty much anything, whether it’s something you’ve already got locally stored on a hard disk, or something you want to watch from the internet. 

Kodi – or XBMC  has been updated to the latest here are my Top best Kodi Addons for May 2017. 

Top 10 Addons for Kodi
1.Exodus: is one of the most popular and love addons for kodi because it gives you fresh content and regular updates, it is hard for any other Kodi addon to compete with Exodus now. You get all the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons and anime, and much more on Exodus.

Tips of the ice-bergyou can watch popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Stranger Things. On the other hand, you can stream latest shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, 13 reasons, and Girlboss and many more.

How to install Exodus Addons on Kodi
1. To install the Exodus for Kodi, first go to System | Settings | Add-ons. There you'll see a tab saying "Add source" – click on it.

2. This method works by pointing whatever device you’re using to a web address, and then using it like a USB stick or removable hard drive. To install Exodus, we’re going to use the web address

3. Make sure you enter it into the textbox exactly as it is, or it won’t work – and then click "Done".
4. To make things easier in the long run, it’s worth naming the source something like "fusion" at this stage.
5. Once that’s done, go back to your Kodi home screen, and then navigate to System | Add-ons | Install from Zip file. A list of folders will appear, but we’re after the one we just added – which should be called "fusion". Click on it, and then select a file called "xmbc-repos".

6. Click on the file marked "English," and then select the file marked "".

7. After waiting for a notification that should say "Add-on enabled", select Install from Repository | Exodus repository | Video Add-ons | Exodus.

8. All that’s left to do is click Install, and Exodus will be added to your Kodi installation.

2. SALT: SALTS or Stream All The Sources is another great addon to have on Kodi. It contains latest movies and TV shows to stream online. SALTS is an addon from the Fusion repository and offers an alternative to 1Channel PrimeWire and other movie addons with its up-to-date library. It brings you popular movies such as Inception, Deadpool, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, and much more. Likewise, you can also stream current trending movies such as Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Moana, or Split.

3. 1Channel PrimeWire: 1Channel is another brilliant streaming add-on that offers brilliant libraries to watch movies & TV shows from a huge list of sources. Another amazing add-on very closely related to Exodus, 1Channel is every video streaming fan’s food for the soul.

Others include;
4. SportsDevil
5. Navi X
6. Specto Fork
7. Phoenix
8. XMovies8
9. Genesis Reborn
10. Zen

Which is your favorite?

Download The New GTBank Advanced Mobile Banking Application — GTWorld

GTWorld is the latest of such innovative solutions.

Guaranty Trust Bank has launched a new Internet banking app called GTWorld, it's a mobile application that brings all the transactions at your fingertips in a new science fiction style.

The new platform is set to displace the former mobile app because I see a lot of potentials with it, especially the fascinating options of login patterns such as biometric (fingerprint and facial recognition), PIN, token and password options.

With GTWorld, you have a Mobile Banking App that is designed to cater to all that's important to you easily and seamlessly. The facial recognition feature means that you now have a mobile banking App that recognizes you and adapts to how and when you want to bank.

Key Features
  • Login and complete your transactions using your face, fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN.
  • Check your account balance; transfer money within your accounts and buy airtime; all without having to sign in.
  • Turn your contacts into a beneficiary list; send money to someone using just their mobile number.
  • Apply for loans and set savings target right from your phone.
  • Send your Account Statements to your email or to an embassy of your choice.
Manage your Accounts
  • Set up a new account and view your account balance(s).
  • View transaction history and search transactions
  • Fx Transfers to all Banks
  • Confirm and manage your cheques.
Payment and Bills
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money to GTBank accounts and all other banks.
  • Buy airtime and data for self and third party.
  • Schedule and manage standing orders
Other Services
  • Find GTBank ATMs and branches near you
  • Block your lost or stolen card
  • Get a New Card
  • Get the best deals on the SME Markethub
To get started
  • Download GTWorld via Google Play Store for Android devices. For iPhone or iPad users, download it via iTunes
  • Install GTWorld on your mobile device.
  • Launch the App and input your User ID and password.
NB: If you do not have a password you may dial *737*6*5# from your registered mobile phone for your login details. And if you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Password?” on the login page to reset your password.

At first login, you will be asked to authorize your mobile device to access the app. If this is your preferred device, please select 'Yes' and choose if you would like to create a 4-digit PIN for your banking transactions.

If you choose to create a 4-digit PIN, you will be required to agree with the Terms of Use.
A 6-digit secure code will be sent to your registered email address to verify your device. If you do not receive this message please generate a code from your hardware token or dial *737*7# from your registered phone number to obtain a one-time verification code. You can also call GTConnect on ‪08039003900 or ‪08029002900 for the verification code.

Enter this code in the app and your mobile phone will be successfully verified against your account profile. Now you can start using the App. Please note that this is required only when using a device for the first time.

If you chose to use the token as your preferred means of verifying your transactions, you will also be sent the 6-digit secure code via your registered email to verify your device for the first time. Enter this code and your mobile phone will be successfully verified against your account profile. You will then be able to start using the GTWorld with your hardware or 737 Token.

Please note that you will be asked to select a preferred option for login and completing your transactions, from which you have the options of Password, PIN, Token, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition. You can always change your preference in settings.

The email address of the GTWorld app developer looks suspicious, but we have done the proper verification and we discovered the app is genuine, so don't be afraid of using the app.

The GTWorld mobile app downloading links were posted in all of the GTBank official social media: GTBank Google+Facebook Page, and Twitter.

We also contacted the bank and here is their reply "Hi, thank you for chatting with us. Please be informed that the GTWorld is an advanced option to our mobile banking app and has more features." So it's genuine, safe and official from GTBank.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

How Much is Your Bank Currently Deducting For Mbanking Interbank Transfer... N52 or N105?

f you should ask me, Banks and Telcos are few of the sectors that are milking the citizens; all this per minute charges, deduction of airtime for caller tunes you didn’t subscribe to etc will definitely be fetching Telecos billions. Imaging Telcos deducting N50 from 1 million Nigerians for irrelevant weekly football updates or  jokes you didn’t subscribe to… do the Math!

Earlier this month, we learn't the Central Bank of Nigeria ordered commercial banks in the country to slash down Mobile banking inter-bank transfer charges by half starting this month. Meaning from N105 to N52 and some commercial banks have already put that into consideration while some are still adamant about it.

I initiated a transfer yesterday, GTBank and Zenith still charged me the normal rate of N105. While some other banks charged just N52 for inter-bank transfer. How much is your bank currently charging for Mobile banking inter-bank transfer?

Truecaller hookup With Google Duo: Rolls Out New SMS and Flash Messaging Services to Users

Truecaller is a great application. Millions of people now trust the software and using Truecaller services due to it's amazing features. Truecaller made it possible for you to know who’s trying to contact you, and also tell you when not to pick up. Truecaller is there to remove all uncertainty and separate the important stuff from the noise. Truecaller can tell the name and information of owner of a number which is not in your contact list.

Truecaller announced a strategic agreement to integrate Google Duo, a high quality video calling service, within the Truecaller app. This will add a crucial communications layer that strengthens the value of Truecaller’s wildly popular dialer, caller ID, and spam blocking app already used by more than 250 million users globally.

Along with news of this integration, Truecaller announced a completely new redesign of the Android app, and now with a broader array of useful features including:
  • SMS: Instantly see who’s SMS’ing you and filter out all spam messages. Spam SMS account for 15% of all SMS messages sent globally, and represents 1.2 trillion spam messages each year.
  • Flash Messaging: which allows you to send quick pre-defined messages to any Truecaller user to let them know if you’re in distress, you’re on your way, your location, or that you’ve reached home.
From the very beginning we have worked relentlessly to build a product that helps simplify communications for consumers across the globe, and help them address important needs such knowing the identity of those calling, and blocking unwanted numbers. With valuable partners like Google, we are excited to take the next step in our journey, bringing all your mobile communications under one roof and giving you the safest, most efficient, and most convenient experience possible without having to switch back and forth” said Nami Zarringhalam, Co-founder and CSO of Truecaller.

Video calling should work for everybody, regardless of what platform they are on. Our aim is to make video calling simple, fast, and available to everyone,” said Amit Fulay, Head of Duo at Google. “With this Truecaller integration, we’re able to bring a better video calling experience to millions of new users.”

The new look and feel of Truecaller is consistent with its ongoing commitment to provide a safe and efficient experience for millions of mobile users who’ve become increasingly frustrated by the growing problem of spam calls and texts from unknown users.

Now as one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world, Truecaller sits at the center of your mobile phone experience helping you connect with the people who matter, in the way you want to communicate, while avoiding calls and texts from those you don’t.

Google Duo is a simple video calling app that takes the complexity out of video calling. The service has been built to be fast and reliable, with a single button push for connecting with other users.

Truecaller integration with Google Duo will be available in the coming months for Android and iOS as a permission-based service, where users will be able to opt-in and out at any time.

For more information about Truecaller please visit, or you may download the free Truecaller app on popular platforms including Android or iOS.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

UNIJOS Bans Indecent Dressing

The leadership of the University of Jos has moved to curb the spate of s*xual imm0rality among ladies with a check on their mode of dressing.
File Photo
Authorities of the University of Jos on Wednesday directed its security agencies to arrest any student whose dressing assaults the sensibilities of the members of the university community.
The institution also warned that improperly dressed students would be barred from entering offices and attending lecturers.
The Vice-Chancellor of UNIJOS, Prof Sebastian Maimako, gave the directive in Jos on Wednesday during the matriculation ceremony for 7,000 students for the 2016/2017 academic session.
According to him, 31,759 candidates chose UNIJOS as their first choice with 25,785 for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and 5,974 for Direct Entry in the 2016/2017 session.
 The VC said that although the social media had remained the vogue of the present society, it should not be used for negative reasons.
 He said, “In line with the extant rules of the university, no student is permitted to publish anything concerning the university without the written permission of the vice-chancellor through the registrar.”

Don Jazzy Sets Social Media On Fire As He Proposes Marriage To Linda Ikeji (See Linda Ikeji Epic Responds)

Don Jazzy will never stop disturbing social media. Just when we thought he has moved over Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s trending gist.
Don Jazzy took to Twitter to cause an uproar but we never saw the whole dram coming as Linda Ikeji also weighed in.

The Mavin Boss will always take over the social media, Oh Yes! he’s very good at that. Linda self don join the team. I like that. I sha expect something good to happen. That’s what am interested in.

See their tweets below and the reactions

Glo Reacts to Data Cap Reduction

I don’t know how this tend to solve telecom problems but I still think there should be prior notice before taking actions like this. For God sake, this is not MMM. Apparently, Glo has something to say about yesterday’s trending topic of reducing its data volume which is absolutely not user friendly.

A concern Glo subscriber pop into Glo twitter page to ask them reason why data volume has to be reduced and this is what Glo NG have to say as seen below;

Hello, "data caps" has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the plan TT

Atleast for something like this, subscribers needs to be informed and not just the after effect.

You Can Now Get This Smartphone on Credit... Solo Aspire M

This looks like an opportunity to own a smartphone with Airtel at no cost, in short you have no reason to recharge your line or buy data with this offer. The only thing you need to do is to make a monthly recommitment.

Airtel partnered with SOLO to give you SOLO aspire M for free. You’ll be required to make a monthly commitment of N4150 which will entitles you to 1GB Data, 60 minutes voice call to any network and 60 SMS to be used in the next 30 days. Secondly, the customer would receive unlimited social bundle usable on social media networks and valid for the same 30 days.

The features of the SOLO Aspire M
·  5 inch Premium Smart phone
·  1GB Ram and 8GB ROM (Internal Memory)
·   Quad Core MTK6580(MediaTek)
·   5MP Back Camera, 2MP front Camera
·  1800mAh Battery
·   Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System (OS)

Requirements to Purchase The SOLO ASPIRE M?
Before going to any of the listed stores below, kindly go with:

  • Valid proof of ID: International passport, drivers' license, permanent voters' card and National ID card. Employee ID card will not be acceptable
  • Proof of address: Utility bill listing the customer's home address
  • BVN number: Kindly Dial *565*0# on customers Phone number only if used by the customer to register their BVN number at their bank
Where Can I Get it?
Go to any of Airtel Stores or partners store listed here with N4150 and the requirements above and the smartphones will be handed over to you.

Note that you’ll be required to make the commitment of N4,150 monthly for 11 months after the 1st commitment. Airtime, Data and SMS included, there's no need to recharge unless absolutely needed.

5 Easy Ways to Fix Slow charging on Smartphones

My Note 5 says it is going to take 6 hours to be fully charged from 10%....When I first got the phone is was charging very fast, about 20-30% up to full in a little under an I need to charge it all night.
Anyone else have this issue or have a solution?

What causes my phone to charge slow? Is it the battery or the phone inside?????????

That was the message I got from a concern user and I’ll try my possible best to proffer a solution to it. More contributions are welcome via the comment.

How to Fix Slow charging on Your Android/iOS Device
>>Replace The Charging Cable: Many times, it is the micro-USB to USB cable that is the culprit. These cables lose their efficiency over time and therefore can’t provide enough current to charge the phone/device. 

Change the Micro-USB to cable. Either purchase a new original one or borrow the one that’s being used on other device.

>>Use Airplane Mode: Airplane mode on your smartphone can significantly improve the charging process by decreasing the charging time. The only disadvantage is that you would not be able to communicate with others through mobile network or internet.

>>Stay Away From Phone While Charging: Using your smartphone while charging is not healthy to your device. It put a negative impact on your Android’s battery life. It puts battery under heavy load and cause the device to heat up.

Do this;
Close/End all the applications that are running
Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS

>>Avoid Charging From Powerbanks, Laptops or PC: A lot of us do this but while they can charge your device using USB ports, it is still not a best idea to do so. USB ports on Computers are meant for transferring data, they do not enough current for a device to charge. Hence, slow charging.
E.g Output Current of USB
  • USB 2.0 can provide up to 500mA
  • USB 3.0 can provide up to 900mA
If you don’t have a charger nearby and using PC USB port as a last resort. It would be great if you connect your device to a USB 3.0 (blue) port.

>>Finally, Replace Your Battery: If you’ve been using your device for more than 1 year, and it takes more than 3hours to charge and less than 5hours to discharge, then it’s time to look for a replacement.

Remember, the highest form of abnormality is for your device to be charging for more than 4hours and it still didn’t get to 100% full charge.